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The Editor’s View: July/August Issue

By Katrice L. Mines, Editor

JulyAug17Cover600Even if you have not had the desire to own a business or have never felt particularly entrepreneurial, a good hearty chat with the right entrepreneur can spark something in you to wonder if you possess of bit of that spirit as well. Trust me, it happens to me almost monthly in my conversations with the individuals who are featured in the pages of Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine.

I have witnessed, firsthand, budding companies at their very beginning mature into well-established and respected firms. And I am so often captivated by the successful brands they’ve built from the ground up – not just because they’ve “made it” but by what it is that drives them and compels them forward.

Many of the people you read about in the magazine are enterprise owners that we’ve come to know through AT conferences and events as they’re earnestly gleaning from the experts we feature in the magazine and in the face-to-face forums we host. We see them making the right connections and growing right before our eyes from one year to the next. So, when I read their stories and learn about the nuances of what is behind the brands, I see economic drivers and community builders who inspire me to keep searching out these stories. I always believe that even if you haven’t had a one-on-one with someone to give you the push you need to launch out, mentoring is multifaceted … and it even happens in the pages of this three-decade-old periodical.

This month, read about the companies we are saluting as our 2017 Minority Business Owners of the Year – Steve and Shawn Bromell of Pro Cutters, Ravi Chander and Sushumna Roy Jalajam of Softpath, Josie Alexander of Alexander & Associates, and Kenneth Loyd of South Coast Paper. And take what you need.

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