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Best of Atlanta: Photographer Mecca Gamble

When Mecca Gamble gets behind her camera, she can make a rainy day look like the sun is shining; literally. The Atlanta-based wedding photographer and creative didn’t set out to be a photographer from the jump of her professional aspirations, but surely destiny has a way of making sure those who are willing land right where they should.

Gamble, who says she’s had her fair share of customer service and administrative jobs, found her passion on the last day of undergraduate studies when she came across a photographer’s blog. “She had photographed a maternity shower, and I loved how fun the photos were,” the Pittsburgh native says. “I called my mom … it had to be no later than 7 in the morning, and told her I was going to be a photographer.” Gamble took the minimal training of a singular elective photojournalism course she’d taken that semester and immersed herself in as much information as she could find.

She’s turned that into a collaborative resource for the modern bride producing creative wedding and portrait photography through the east and beyond.

If she wasn’t a photographer, she says she’d “totally be a middle or high school educator,” adding, “I love to learn new things, and share my findings with others.”

When Gamble isn’t behind her camera or computer, she is cycling through the park, trying a new recipe from Pinterest or catching up with the shows on queue in her DVR.


AT: Whose work has influenced you?

MG: Danielle Finney, Latasha Haynes, Elle Danielle, Jasmine Star, Katelyn James, Amy and Jordan Demos. I’ve studied all of their work and have been blessed to learn from each of them in some capacity.

AT: How do you keep a sharp eye?

MG: I’m always studying. I purchase magazines, read blogs, keep a vision board, attend conferences and workshops when available, and still shoot for free when I have an idea or want to try out new of equipment.

AT: What would you say is your signature as a creative?

MG: Definitely my clean, colorful editing style. I often have people tell me they can recognize my work without looking at the credits.

AT: Who is your dream client?

MG: I find that my dream client(s) are women who are a lot like me. I’m adventurous, fun and I love my family.

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