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Chantal Jones Esq.: Bred For Impact

By Brian Poe Esq.

West Philadelphia-bred and raised, Chantal Jones, Esq., grew up inspired by her father’s personal interest in politics and working in the community. Her parents raised her with a sense of freedom to voice her opinion advocating for better resources and positive change. When her favorite evening past time became joining her father as he faithfully watched the television series “The Practice,” the expectation became clear that Jones would one day be an attorney whose work impacted the lives of everyday clients.

Today, Jones, a graduate of Widener University School of Law, helms her own busy law firm, Chantal D. Jones, Attorney At Law, which focuses on real estate, closings and contract issues, while also being associated with Reavis & Associates, P.C., a national all-female entertainment law firm that provides experienced legal and business affairs services to creative, athletic, political and cultural professionals. A dancer who at the age of 12 was accepted into a teen and young adult theater at the Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia, Jones is a graduate of the Philadelphia Dance Company, has received professional vocal training, acting, and dance classes, and has performed in musical theater productions. This has sparked her interest in always having entertainment law as a significant part of her legal practice.

1. Have you had a mentor in or outside of the law, and if so, who is that person? 

My cousin Dr. Brooke Mobley was the first person in my family who went to college and pursued a doctoral degree. Growing up, I followed her around everywhere and always wanted to be like her — a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and have a prestigious title — and so I did. In college, I interned for an attorney named Donyale Y.H. Reavis at her firm, Reavis & Associates, P.C. She was the first woman that I looked up to and saw firsthand what it meant to truly be a lawyer. My other mentor is Attorney Michelle Simpson. She has been a great confidante and colleague, always there to offer professional advice when necessary.

2. What is a typical day in your practice — and an exciting day?    

A typical day consists of meeting with a client to discuss a certain matter or editing and negotiating a contract, establishing a business entity, and conducting a real estate closing(s) all in the same day. An exciting day … well every day has a sense of excitement to me because of its possibility. But I would say that closing an entertainment deal really makes me feel great about being able to assist someone in bringing their dream to fruition.

3. What recommendations do you have for young attorneys who may want to run their own practice, but believe it’s not viable with so much competition and more experienced attorneys in Atlanta?  

Well, this goes back to your first question, which is mentoring. With the right mentors, you will be encouraged to step out on your own even if you are helping your mentor develop her practice. Beyond that, if you believe in yourself and God, anything is possible. There are always experienced attorneys willing to help so don’t be shy about aligning yourself with those who you could learn from along the way. Just get out there, network and be careful.

4. What is your long-term plan for your practice and life?

Long-term, I would like to have my own entertainment talent management agency and be married with children living bicoastal, happy and free.

5. Describe Chantal Jones, Esq. in five words or less.  

Genuine, determined, grounded, charismatic and optimistic. AT

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