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Atlanta City Council Approves Gulch Agreement

The Atlanta City Council approved an agreement on Monday that could transform the 40-acre Gulch property into a $5 billion mixed-use development with a potential of creating thousands of jobs in south downtown Atlanta.

Proposed by California-based developer CIM Group, the project would create new office space, housing, retail, roads, sidewalks and city parks.

The City Council approved four pieces of legislation related to the Gulch Project including its financing mechanism, after more than nine hours of public comment and deliberation. The legislation included the approval of:

Ordinance: 18-O-1476 (on substitute as amended) by a vote of 8-6;
Ordinance: 18-O-1480 by a vote of 8-6;
Ordinance: 18-O-1484 by a vote of 14-0; and
Ordinance: 18-O-1485 by a vote of 13-1.

On Monday, the City Council also approved by a vote of 14-0:

An ordinance by Council Members Carla Smith and Amir R. Farokhi regarding noisy nuisance animals. The measure would fine pet owners if the animal emits excessive and continuous noise persistently or continuously for a period of 20 minutes or longer when the animal is not contained within an enclosure sufficient to baffle loud noises and render them reasonably unobjectionable. Owners could face a fine of $150 for the first violation; $250 for a second violation; $350 for a third violation; $500 for a fourth violation; and $1,000 for all subsequent violations. (Legislative Reference No. 18-O-1663)
An ordinance by Council Members Amir R. Farokhi, Carla Smith and Natalyn Archibong prohibiting the retail sale of dogs and cats at pet shops in the city of Atlanta. The legislation was drafted to discourage the operation of puppy and cat mills by prohibiting the sale of these animals in in pet shops. (Legislative Reference No. 18-O-1655)

An ordinance by the City Utilities Committee as amended by full Council adjusting the rates charged for Solid Waste Collection Services beginning April 1, 2019. The current rates have not increased in 14 years since they were established in 2004. The rate increase will be used to fund equipment needs within the Department of Public Works. (Legislative Reference No. 18-O-1300)

An ordinance by Council Member Joyce Sheperd making housing code violations committed by corporate entities (such as Limited Liability Companies (LLC)) a civil-offense city fine with a penalty of up to $1,000. (Legislative Reference No. 18-O-1661)
In addition, by a vote of 11-3, the Atlanta City Council approved the use of eminent domain (Legislative Reference No. 18-O-1425) to obtain fee simple titles to the following vacant parcels of land on Elm Street for the development of the Rodney Cook, Sr. Park for public use in Historic Vine City: 205 Elm St.; 209 Elm St.; 211 Elm St.; 221 Elm St.; 273 Elm St. and 283 Elm St.

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