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This Area Has The Biggest Wealth Gap Between Black And White Americans

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Racial disparities continue to exist across the United States, creating barriers for Black people to succeed. but a new study outlines which states are worse than others when it comes to racial inequality.

“Current trends show that a wide financial gulf continues to divide racial groups in the U.S., with Hispanic and black Americans still at the bottom of the economic ladder,” according to WalletHub, a financial website, on Tuesday (January 25). “Non-Hispanic white Americans have a median household wealth of $139,300, compared to $12,780 for black households and $19,990 for Hispanic households.”

Researchers with the website dug deep to find how big these disparities are in every state. They looked at multiple factors to determine their rankings, including unemployment rates, access to education, median household income, homeownership, insurance, and more indicators.

The biggest wealth gap between Black Americans and their white counterparts was in the nation’s capital: Washington D.C.

According to the study, Black people were the most disadvantaged groups in D.C. when it came to poverty, educational attainment, and household income.

Here were the top 10 states with the smallest wealth gaps between racial groups:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Hawaii
  3. Montana
  4. Florida
  5. Alaska
  6. Maine
  7. Missouri
  8. Wyoming
  9. New Mexico
  10. Kentucky

Click here to check out the full study.

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