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Black Americans Make 37% Less Income Than White Americans: Report

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In 2022, the gap between white and Black Americans is continuing to expand in all areas of life, according to this year’s Equality Index.

The National Urban League released its annual report on the State of Black America on Tuesday (April 12) and the findings show widening disparities in wealth, education, health, civic engagement, and social justice. With little progress since its Equality Index launched in 2005, systemic racism continues to be at the root of the Black community’s hardships in America.

According to the report, Black people are bringing in 37 percent less income than their white counterparts. On average, Black Americans are making $43,862 while white people are reaping $69,823.

The Black community continues to struggle with building generational wealth through homeownership. Black couples are more likely to be denied a mortgage or home loan, which leads to 59 percent of the home equity white households have.

National Urban League President Marc Morial said in a statement, “In that area of wealth, we’ve seen almost no change, none, since the civil rights days.” Morial added, “The wealth disparity has gotten wider.”

The educational gap impacts the Black community’s stagnance in wealth. Fewer Black students are enrolled in STEM classes that can help secure higher-income jobs. In minority schools, teachers are more likely to be inexperienced and uncertified, according to the report.

Health disparities afflict Black children and adults more than white people. Black women are 59% more likely to die while giving birth and 31% more likely to die of breast cancer. Black men are 52% more likely to die of prostate cancer.

The U.S Justice Department data shows that Black people are three times more likely to be jailed if arrested and twice more likely than white people to experience police brutality.

When it comes to the vote, white people are 5% more likely to be registered than Black people.

Considering the recent findings, the National Urban league finds the state of Black America is grim.

Morial said in a statement, “These numbers change so little and so slowly. What it tells me is that this institutional disparity based on race seems to be built into American society.”

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