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10 Best Luxury Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Black-owned Businesses

Top 10 “Luxury” Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Black-owned Businesses

By: Kiana Cateau

Year after year, fathers remind us that they have everything. From the greatest family, to an obscene amount of watches, socks, ties, and cuff links galore-they have it all.

We spend endless time marveling the idea of reciprocating what our fathers mean to us. The spirited men who protect us from the uncertainty of the world, resiliently serve and provide for our families, and instill in us teachings that will remain forever embedded in our hearts.

This Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19th, 2022, we will not only celebrate the heroic nature of our dads, but also the of commemoration of emancipation that is Juneteenth. We couldn’t think of a better to honor our Father’s, than with Black-owned products that give them an experience that could only be offered through the depths of creation within Black culture.

1: Money Trees

These easy-care house plants are specifically known to attract prosperity and good fortune. With indirect sunlight and sporadic watering, Pachira Aquatica is not only a home decor staple, but it simultaneously purifies the air in your home.

Money Tree set begins at $60.00

Purchased on



2: Jembere House

ADDIS: Tortoise/ Gold Mirror Sunglasses

Based in New York and founded in 2013, Jembere frames are handmade with superb materials exhibiting affluent Ethiopian culture.

prices begin at $49.99






3: Suede Slides

PerryCo is a unisex brand that prioritizes their efforts of transforming stigmas built around the sneaker industry. Their mission is overcoming gender hindrance with their unisex creations.



4: J Sanay Wellness Retreat

J Sanay Wellness Retreat is a Wellness Spa founded in Kennesaw, Georgia that promotes wealth through wellness rituals based on an intercontinental experience. Their services include anything from custom massage and facial rituals, foot baths, and even south bath meditations!

services start at $65.00 for 30-minute sessions!



Socks for every occasion. Monthly subscription guarantees premium innovate socks, inspiring self-expression while sustaining promise of comfort.

Individual pairs begin at $12.99


6: Emperors Cut Cigars

Designed under the means of friendship and a shared love of sugars, Emperors Cut instills luxury in their natural cigar blends with a traditional sensation.

prices begin at $55.00


7: Yelle

Promoting skin health through plant-based skin care exclusively curated to refine and maintain melanin rich skin, Yelle skin care caters to  all skin types from dry to oily.

Skin Care systems begin at $69.99 and individual products start at $26.00.

To Purchase:


8: Long Shoe Horn

Goodee is socially-conscious enterprise that curates’ modern livelihood while practicing sustainability through the renaissance of minimalism.



9. Telfar Shopping Bag

Established in 2005, in New York City. Telfar Clemens, Liberian-American designer is the creator of this vegan, genderless fashion line popularly known for its tote bags sold in various sizes.

Prices begin at $150



10: Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

In this science-fiction based in 1976, Dana, a black woman writer living in California married to a white man is forced to confront her ancestors in the south pre-Civil war. Through time travel, she is subjected to enslavement until the plot reaches a breakthrough.

Prices begin at $13.99

Sold in Barnes and Noble franchise.






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