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Woman Empowerment Series to Begin with Strong 2023

Woman Empowerment Series to Begin with Strong 2023

Virtual monthly event continues to impact the lives of women throughout the nation

Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach, Volition Enterprises, Inc. and Sister Diamonds, LLC Co-CEOs, are proud to announce the launch of the 2023 Woman Unlimited Live Series to start the year by empowering women across the country. During these monthly, live-streamed events, business and relationship experts Khalil and LaBeach provide attendees with true action to improve and accelerate their self-worth, relationships and careers.

This year’s Woman Unlimited Live series will take place on:

  • Saturday, Jan. 21

  • Saturday, Feb. 18

  • Saturday, March 18

  • Saturday, April 15

  • Saturday, May 6

  • Saturday, June 10

  • Saturday, July 15

  • Saturday, August 19

  • Saturday, September 9

  • Saturday, October 14

  • Saturday, November 18

  • Saturday, December 9

“Women of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to unbind and unleash their unlimited potential,” Khalil said. “Dr. Nicole and I are so proud to host such a strong network of powerful women as we uplift and support each other to learn how to reach our goals and achieve ‘Your Ultimate Most Meaningful Yet’ (YUMMY)!”

Bestselling author Khalil and OWN’s “Put A Ring On It” Host LaBeach share their master advice on:

  • Creating abundance personally and professionally

  • Activating and monetizing a vision

  • Attracting more opportunities and money in career and business

  • Manifesting and accelerating purpose with ease

  • Connecting with a fantastic community of women

  • Creating boundaries and vulnerability that promote your YUMMY life

  • Developing and strengthening relationships in the home, community and business

As a way to reflect, registered VIP attendees also receive a free copy of the duo’s “The Abundance Journal” and access to additional resources and events focused on personal and career enhancement, such as the Sister Diamond Collective and Just Be Retreats.

Crystal and Dr. Nicole motivate others to build the careers and businesses of their dreams and strengthen the relationships that matter at home, work and in the greater community. The duo harnesses the power of collectivism and collaboration in all of Crystal and Dr. Nicole’s brands to effectively illuminate, celebrate, and advance the brilliance of individuals.

For more information about Crystal and Dr. Nicole or to register for Woman Unlimited Live, please visit or email

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