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Underground Atlanta Welcomes Visionary Artist Dedren Snead as Newest Tenant

The new home of Afrofuturism and future media, SUBSUME, is now open at historic Underground Atlanta.

Underground Atlanta is thrilled to announce its latest addition to the creative landscape of downtown Atlanta – visionary artist Dedren Snead. Known for his educational technology designs and creativity through SUBSUME Media, Snead brings a unique and inspiring perspective to Underground Atlanta’s thriving arts center with the studio’s use of gaming as the educational tool to bridge the innovation gap in our community.

A native of North Carolina, Snead has garnered acclaim for his innovative artwork that reflects a deep passion for exploring afrofuturism which utilizes graphic novels, video games and animation along with mobile applications and augmented reality to build inclusive storytelling and cultural equity in popular media. Through this project, Snead hopes to continue to connect the unique needs, expectations, voice and collaborative futures of the Black Diaspora.

“We are delighted to welcome Dedren Snead to Underground Atlanta,” said Lyle Baldes, Director of Special Events at Lalani Ventures. “His artistic talent and commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity align perfectly with our mission to foster a vibrant and diverse arts community. Snead’s work will undoubtedly captivate and engage both residents and visitors alike.”

SUBSUME is a tech salon where access for Black and brown artists, creators, technologists and nonprofits are fostered to identify solutions for civil and social issues. The studio will operate an open lab with media materials and a think tank solving questions Snead wants to answer like, “How can we make the culture of Atlanta a resource to solve its own community problems?”

“Downtown Atlanta holds a special place in my heart, and I am thrilled to join the Underground Atlanta family,” said Dedren Snead. “The main component of this project is about connecting with the youth of Atlanta to bridge the gap for K through 12 and college students to focus on career paths opportunities within data science and engineering focused on gaming, AI and technology.”

In addition to joining the Underground Atlanta artists-in-residence, Dedren Snead is a current artist-in-residence at Georgia State University, a past Shuford Innovator-in-Residence Program at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was named one of the Top 100 Metaverse Thought Leaders at the ‘22 GATHERVERSE. He was recently featured on several publications including CNN, Oz Magazine, WSB-TV, Black Enterprise and Atlanta News First.

Dedren Snead, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is not just an artist and developer, but also a pioneer in harnessing the power of gaming as a transformative educational tool. With an astute focus on integrating this engaging methodology, Dedren is reinventing the lifelong learning landscape for educators and students alike, catapulting them into the realms of creative and technical careers, with Artificial Intelligence as a collaborative partner in their success.

A visionary artist and developer ingrained in the synthesis of technology, Afrofuturism, and global equity, his creative endeavors encompass an amalgamation of graphic novels, animation, gaming, and augmented reality—all aimed at constructing a Metaverse devoted to inclusivity and social betterment.

SUBSUME, Dedren’s forward-thinking enterprise, is committed to engaging marginalized communities across global diasporas, illuminating the rich tapestry of diverse voices and cultures. By crafting shared media works that are inclusive and promote technology equity, SUBSUME plays a pivotal role in creating a transmedia experience accessible and sustainable for everyone, regardless of their background.

With a global-first Afrofutures technology salon located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, this future-centric company transcends conventional educational boundaries by offering community tech training to all Atlanta residents. It’s a place where technology, learning, and global equity converge, transforming the digital divide from a chasm into a bridge connecting diverse people, places, skills, and talents.

As an avid entrepreneur, Dedren has launched an edtech platform that acts as a conduit connecting K-12 and early career learners to the expansive horizons of creative and technical professions. The integration of gamified, project-based learning modules, coupled with a strong emphasis on workforce development, ensures an immersive, engaging learning experience, equipping students with the requisite skills for the entrepreneurial careers of tomorrow.

Dedren currently holds the esteemed title of Innovator of Residence at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His role in Global Studies and Economics within the Shuford Entrepreneurship Program speaks volumes of his multifaceted expertise. As an Artist in Residence at Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute for the academic years 2022-2023, he contributes to Digital Media, Game Design, and Futurism. Dedren’s collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Digital Media Labs underscores his commitment to fostering an “AI for All” ethos, ensuring technology is not a luxury but an equitable and shared resource.

Dedren Snead is more than an artist or developer; he is a beacon of a future where technology, art, and equity intertwine. In this envisioned future, the global diaspora is not merely visible but influential, integral, and instrumental in shaping the future’s contours. Dedren portrays a world where gaming transcends recreation, emerging as a robust educational tool intricately designed to prepare the next generation for the dynamic world of technology. Every game, every challenge, offers an avenue for learning, growth, and readiness for a world where technology is as essential as air. Every initiative and creative enterprise testifies to a vision that extends beyond the present, unveiling a future where Afrofuturism, equity in tech, and universal accessibility to AI transition from aspirations to tangible, pervasive realities.

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