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Ready for the Meeting? No Plan. No Way.

By Kelli Bennett, Editorial Intern

Don’t allow summer’s warm and enticing weather to make you forget the reason you’re enrolled in college or in the midsts of celebrating graduation.  As Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine presents it’s Get Down To Business Conference, today May  24th, I think it’s imperative that we brush up on our business meeting and conference etiquette and preparation.

Preparing for a Business Meeting

  • Set a goal and an agenda for the meeting.  Prepare a schedule if there will be multiple speakers or presenters.
  • Send out time and location details to all participants.  Email conference call-in numbers and codes if you are arranging a phone meeting.
  • Prepare for any needed equipment. Know how to hook your laptop up to the projector so that you don’t have to waste valuable meeting time dealing with technical details.
  • Take your presentation for a test drive before you do it in front of clients. Make sure your sales or investment pitch is professional, concise and interesting. Endless charts projected on a screen don’t make for compelling meetings. Understand your audience, how you can meet their needs and what goals you want to reach.
  • Remind participants 24 hours ahead, or on the morning of, the actual meeting. Aim to start the meeting promptly at the given time.

Provided by Amanda C. Kooser, Demand Media

Preparing for a Business Conference

In order to fully immersive yourself in a business conference, small business consultant  offers six key points of advice. (Via

  • Preplan your Day-Most conferences require a full day of your time.  It is important to look and feel your best; wear appropriate and professional attire and comfortable shoes.
  • Pick your Sessions-If the conference agenda is available in advance, take time to map out a strategy to select sessions that are most beneficial to improve your skills.  At each session, actively participate by asking questions and taking notes.  Spend a few minutes after the presentation to introduce yourself to the presenter.
  • Practice your Pitch-You will meet a lot of people and have the opportunity of introducing yourself and business.  Make sure your message is clear and concise.  Fine tune your elevator pitch to make the most of your meeting.
  • Prepare to Network-This is a great opportunity to network with people.  The key is to meet new business contacts.
  • Bring Plenty of Marketing Material
  • Follow Up-Within the next week, make sure you follow up with e-mails, phone calls or a simple letter.  The key is to connect with potential people that can be beneficial to your company.

Implementing your professionalism and following these skills will guarantee auspicious business encounters in the future.

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