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By Courtney Ward

Mychael Knight has been on the fashion scene for more than 10 years. Even before his experience competing on “Project Runway,” Knight was making sketches that represented strong, powerful and confident women. Most recently, he debuted his Lost World Spring/Summer 2012 collection, opened a showroom in Buckhead, and continues to design for his regular clients. Here, Knight talks about his design aesthetic and what he hopes to see from the Atlanta fashion scene in the future.

What’s your design aesthetic?
My clothes are strong, sexy, clean and approachable. I really emphasize a great cut that’s fitted to the female form. I try not to oversaturate with the bells and whistles. I just like a clean and easy silhouette.

Who is your customer?
I’ve been designing clothes for women for over 10years. My clients run the gamut from soccer moms to corporate execs to celebrities and college students. It doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, large or small. I have a custom clientele and all of my customers are strong women that know fashion is forever and not just in the moment.

What’s your design inspiration?
Life. I get inspiration from art, friends, travel, relationships. Fashion is something you live.  It’s a way of life.

Describe Atlanta’s current fashion scene.
It’s slow growing. There’s a lot of local talent under the radar and individuals bringing attention to independent showings.  What’s great is that there are institutions of learning like SCAD coming to Atlanta that’s going to really help bring more attention to the city.

What does the fashion scene in Atlanta need to do to help it to gain more national attention?
I think people need to realize that Atlanta fashion is not Los Angeles or New York.  They’re trying to make it something that it’s not. More unity is also needed. And not just among other clothes designers. There’s so much more than that. There are the shoes, jewelry, and accessories designers, the photographers and models, and the publicists and managers. If everyone gets together and realizes that it’s not a race then Atlanta will begin to flourish more quickly. There’s strength in numbers.

What does Atlanta fashion look like?
It’s all about being seen and on-point. It’s about perfection, looking rich. It’s the zeal of being in the South; it’s lively. New York is edgier and darker. LA is easy and laid back. Atlanta is energy.

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