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Higher Learning: Trees Atlanta

By: Erin Gloster, Editorial Intern

Flagship Education Program: Urban Tree Trackers

As one of the most widely known nonprofits in metro Atlanta, Trees Atlanta has thoroughly established its place as a community agent of the urban environment. The primary goals of the organization are to replace trees that were lost to development, conserve existing trees, protect green space areas, and educate the community about the many benefits of trees.
Trees Atlanta offers free education programming for children K-12 in schools within two miles of the Atlanta Beltline. During visits, students learn about Atlanta’s urban forests, pollinators, community connections, environmental stewardships, and the Atlanta Beltline Arboretum. Trees Atlanta uses a unique, hands-on, learning method to increase excitement about the environment and how they can improve Atlanta’s green space, including: paintings, art projects, and student-designed pollinator garden projects.
Trees Atlanta tailors its program to the age group of the children, separating their curriculum by grade. For example, Kindergarteners are taught about living and non-living things, and given a chance to get comfortable with the outdoors, while high schoolers work on a large scientific inquiry project that is presented at the end of the year. Starting at a young age is the best way to spark interest about a subject; Trees Atlanta does just that.

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