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What about the MIDDLE?    

By Ramese Long

Think about three things…

1. If you’re a parent, think back to what it was like to see your first born come into this world. Were you excited? Nervous? Anxious? I will assume no matter what feelings you may or may not have had, the most important factor was to have a healthy baby, correct?

2. If you have friends or family who are getting up there in age, is it a concern of yours they receive the best healthcare so they will live comfortably and happy for the remainder of their lives?

3. If you have worried about bringing in a healthy baby or had concerns for an elderly relative or friend, then why in the world would you ignore all this time you have in the middle of your life to get healthier?


What about the MIDDLE?

This is how I look at fitness after 22 years in the field… I often wonder why we focus on health at the beginning and end of our lives and ignore the “middle.”

Don’t make losing weight your sole motivating factor for exercising.

This has been done over and over, so why continue to follow the same path everyone has tried at one point or another? There are so many variables using this rule, you are bound to get frustrated unless you have a professional to walk with you along this path.

Accept the fact that you will and should be exercising your entire life. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to making exercise a lifetime commitment.

The first thing I hear is: “I have to have a life,” yes you do and if you don’t exercise who knows how much longer of this “life” you will see. That is just an excuse. I’m not trying to bring you down or sound morbid, just stating the fact s…we as individuals and as a community have some serious issues when it comes to getting healthier. The fitness fairy does not exist. There is one way to get healthier and that is to move.

Focus on feeling better!

For me, this is the key to the kingdom! If you put your sole focus into feeling better, everything else will fall into place. Use this as your foundation for all things fitness. If you truly commit to using this one tip as your foundation then everything has just changed for you. What you eat, how much you sleep, you exercise routine, stretching, meditation … diet.Want some wine? All those questions can be answered very easily by you but follow them up with…What is going to make me feel better?

What about the MIDDLE?

What are you going to do now? Are you only concerned with health issues because you’ve just had a baby or gotten older, or are on the verge of being a type 2 diabetic? Taking on that issue is far more difficult and time consuming than setting aside 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week.

Don’t forget, I am a personal fitness coach with my own food addictions and formerly 60-plus pounds overweight. I get it! We’re all in the same boat, I just want to keep you afloat then teach you how to swim.

Do someTHIN!

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