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Tiffany Porter, Esq.: Certified NFL Contract Advisor Changes the Game

It’s 4th down and 10 at this year’s classic September football rivalry game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia, S.C. While many of her Georgia lawyer peers may be enjoying this play on TV from the comfortable confines of their homes, Tiffany Porter, Esq. is at the game in person — working and scouting potential talent. In between possessions, Porter steps away to be interviewed by phone on an Atlanta radio show about her ground-breaking work as a woman NFL-certified contract advisor and sports agency owner, before making her way to the area of the locker room area near the post-game player interviews.

This has always been the flow of her world. Timidity and indolence had no place in the Belleville, N.J., home where she grew up. Even absent a significant presence by her biological parents, her grandmother and great grandmother insisted that she was the prime motivator of her own success. Porter, the eldest of five siblings, believed them.

After graduating from Hampton University with a degree in music vocal performance, she developed an interest in law. “But, I knew I was not going to work for anyone. So, I had to be a good lawyer and able to manage my business as well.” Emory University School of Law offered her a scholarship, and Georgia State University accepted her into their MBA program. Since law and business were imperative complements for her objectives, Porter pursued these degrees in tandem, completing both programs in 2005. The married mother of four children gave birth to her third child during this time, while serving as Black Law Students Association president and clerking for chief justice Robert Benham of the Georgia Supreme Court.

As a polished attorney with financial stability established through her successful Porter Whitner Law Group LLC partnership — with friend and sorority sister Tadia Whitner, Esq. — and after experience in the pro sports world as a cheerleader for the Atlanta Chiefs, Porter founded Zenith Sports and Entertainment Group in 2013.  The full-service sports and entertainment agency made her, by all accounts, the first-ever professional cheerleader to achieve this status.

1. Lawyer, professional cheerleader, certified NFL contract advisor. Wow. Is there a common thread?

First, I believe that I can do anything imaginable. No dream is too big or small. A lawyer/cheerleader/NFL Agent may be unorthodox to some, but I am about living my life to its fullest. I simply prioritized my goals and began going after them one by one. The common thread through all of my accomplishments is that I never took no for an answer. I went through numerous auditions before making a team and interviewed with many athletes before I got any commitments to the agency.

2. What does Zenith Sports look for in an NFL player client?

Zenith Sports looks for clients who have the drive and determination to be the best. I do not seek to represent every athlete I meet. I am looking for [a] sportsman with integrity, trust and loyalty. We want our clients to be committed to the commitment. The commitment is to their career, family, professional development and the agency. We want clients who are ready for the challenge and have the willingness to become a better on and off the field.

3. What do you believe to be the best selling point of Tiffany Porter, certified NFL contract advisor?

My best selling point is that Zenith Sports and Entertainment Group is a one stop shop. Not only do we handle all contracts negotiations, marketing, and endorsements, but we provide legal support and post-career counseling. We help each client build their individual brand, which is critical. It’s the players that make our agency, we don’t make the players. We assist in the transition from college to the pros. We stand firm on our principles of integrity, trust and loyalty. Also, as a woman, I bring a different perspective. There are some successful female agents, but I plan to change the agent game in the NFL as well as the NBA and MLB.

4. Out of all your accomplishments, which is most significant to you? 

I am a six year breast cancer survivor. AT

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