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The Dos and Don’ts of Finding a Workout partner

By Ramese Long

No, we are not about to do the two step, but we are about to get you stepping in the right direction by telling you to start thinking about who you can get to be your workout partner.

Don’t look at this as another task on your plate; look at this as a task to help you manage the fitness routine on your plate. What’s the benefit of having a workout partner? It’s obvious and I’m sure you’ll be familiar with some of the points I am about to make but like everything else in life, you have to keep reinforcing what you already know in order to get it to stick.

The biggest benefit of course is holding one another accountable to the goals you collectively set, but here are some don’ts when picking a workout partner:

  1. Do NOT pick a workout partner that’s lazier than you!

Would you go to a dentist whose teeth are bright, shiny and yellow like the sun? Enough said.

  1. Do NOT pick someone who has NEVER worked out before!

If you’re lost in the woods, wouldn’t you want someone who’s hiked those woods before?

  1. Do NOT pick someone who’s going to complain each time you mention going to the gym.

Remember, you are looking for someone that will keep YOU motivated to go workout. If you’re constantly “convincing” that person to go with you, then what’s the point of having them with you in the first place?

Some things you can DO when picking a workout partner:

  1. Pick someone in better shape than you!

This one should be obvious, but let me get a little more specific. This type of workout partner is going to understand the value of exercise because they’re doing it themselves, so naturally if you tell them you need some help staying motivated they will be your biggest accountability tool and supporter!

  1. Pick someone who has struggled in the past but found a way to get in shape!

This may take some time to find someone who fits this description, but if you can find someone to fit this mold they will be a huge asset for you simply because “they understand” on so many more levels than just sweating!

  1. Hire a trainer!

I can hear you now…easy for me to say because I am one! You’re right but it’s true. Not only will you get the accountability aspect covered, you get many benefits that you may not recognize…knowledge, variety, form correction, fun and the thought process is removed. All you’ll need to do is show up and do the work!

If you’re one of the many people out there scared to tackle your weight or health issue, why go at it alone? You must find someone or something to keep you from falling back to the same space you’re trying to avoid. Find someone you will have fun with so the process becomes more enjoyable and not just arduous. Some workout partners will work…some won’t. Remember, this entire journey of fitness is always a process even with finding the right workout partner!

Do someTHIN!

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