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Is Bikini Season a Reason?

By Ramese Long

Yes, it is.

Just one word of caution … BEWARE! I say this because whenever we (myself included) set short-term goals you must keep in mind, a short-term goal will not produce long term results unless renewed with more short term goals. Inevitably, your long-term goal will appear as you begin to notice some common denominators to point you in the right direction.

On the flip side, using bikini season can pose a serious problem with you meeting your goal. Why you ask? Because bikini season is just that, a season. How can you realistically expect to produce lasting results when the catalyst for your motivation is the weather

All too often, we expect these goals to be the solution we’ve been longing for but they can quickly become more problematic than you may realize. These seasonal goals, if not met, quickly add to the voice in your head which tells you to give up and that your efforts are worthless.

How did you do with your New Year’s resolution? If you were unsuccessful this past January then why continue to set yourself up in the same manner and expect a different result?

When you plan your fitness routine around a vacation, what do you think is going to happen to said routine when you’re finally on vacation? Do you really think you’ll “get back on it” when you return to normal life and the daily grind? We both know the answer.

My advice to my clients is to constantly try something new that will get you closer to your goal. For instance, if you normally set bikini season as the impetus to workout then quickly fall off the wagon once you reach your destination, why not try and do some type of exercise while you’re getting a little R & R? The more you try, the more you learn; the more you learn, the closer you’ll get to your goal. I know that doesn’t mean much to you at the moment but look back just a few months and imagine where you’d be if you had been consistently working out. Don’t get frustrated…get moving.

Do someTHIN!

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