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Tips and Tactics to Grow Your Business for Atlanta Area Remodelers

By Shashi Bellamkonda

Mark Richardson, a business growth strategist, and author of “Fit to Grow keynoted to Atlanta area remodeler at the Pro Remodeler Leadership Tour 2015 in Atlanta. Richardson’s talk was focused on “Creating A World Class Team.” Some of the points he illustrated were how today’s business concepts have outgrown tremendously from 2008 to now, mastering the labor of your business, and some actions steps you can take to formulate your own world class business team. According to Richardson, five key areas for small businesses to focus on are:

  1. Creating the right culture of your business
  2. Finding  the right talent
  3. Working on members of your team
  4. Participating in strategic partnerships
  5. How leadership is required for the future

One of the exhibitors at this Atlanta event was Ken Greene. Greene is the VP of Sales at Surefire Social, a digital marketing agency for home remodeling contractors and services.

“Events like the Professional Remodeler Tour in Atlanta is a great way for remodelers to see the newest and most innovative services and products being offered,” he said. “It also gives the attendees a great opportunity to network with their contemporaries.”

In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to listen to Richardson talk about the need to make sure your business stays “fit” and how as an owner you must be the leader and constantly be looking for ways to grow your business. Representing Houzz, Elyse Jordan talked about the importance of Houzz as a great social media tool to help get your business recognized and add credibility.”

The Professional Remodeler Leadership Tour 2015 will make stops in other cities:

  • Chicago, IL – October 15
  • Minneapolis, MN – November 5
  • Washington, DC – November 12
  • Miami, FL – December 10

Alongside the speakers were exhibitors, who showcased their work, services and offers to local remodelers in the area. Between speakers during the intimate event, attendees had the opportunity to meet a variety of businesses to discuss potential options for enhancing the quality of service.

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