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The Odd and Even Couple

By Ramese Long

We are not remaking the television show, but we can borrow the title for this article. You’re going to love this tip, because this will take the guessing game out of how many days a week you should workout.

Year after year, I hear the same question from a variety of clients. That question is, “how many times a week do I need to workout?” In my mind, I want to say as many as its going to take to safely and effectively get you to your goal! I understand the meaning behind their question, but I can never give a general number with a clear conscience because there are so many variables when making this decision. If you buy into the fact we’re all unique, this should clear the forest of some of those trees.

Personally, I like to dig deep when assessing how many times a week someone should workout, this way I am giving them the most accurate and attainable scenarios for them to succeed…

Age? Injuries? New to exercise? Consistency issues? How many excuses have I heard them make? Etc…

I’ve looked at what’s behind that question and I believe they’re asking, “how much do I need to do to not make myself crazy trying to get to the gym but enough to help me get closer to my goal?”

With that being said, this is what I would recommend to the average fitness enthusiast looking to workout “enough”…

Exercise on the “odd” days of the month, then next month exercise on the “even” days of the month and so on…

You want to simplify your process in any area possible. This process will require consistent hard work. Always. However, your goal can be achieved as long as you make an unwavering decision, don’t over complicate your process, be realistic, surround yourself with more positivity than negativity, get plenty of sleep but workout consistently, eat small meals throughout the day, lower your carbs, increase your protein intake, meditate and remember to keep it simple.

Now, do you see why I say simplify your process?

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