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ELECTION ESCAPES: The Six Best Places To Ponder This Year’s Oval Office Options

For those who have grown weary from this year’s U.S. presidential race, the following “Election Escapes” get Virtuoso’s vote as the best spots for confounded citizens to rest, rejuvenate and resolve which candidate will get their support come November 8th.


 1.       Newfoundland, Canada – We declare Fogo Island Inn the perfect place to storm-watch until this election storm blows over. And while they’re at it, travelers can scout out some land in their soon-to-be adopted Canadian homeland, just in case their candidate doesn’t win.

bordeauxexcellence2.       Bordeaux, France – Voters can board a helicopter and enjoy a flight over the 1855 classification of wine stars with Bordeaux Excellence. Upon landing, guests will have privileged access to a tasting of a Grand Cru Classé, where they can enjoy a glass or two of some of the world’s best wine while contemplating if visiting a vineyard constitutes supporting the Green Party.


3.       Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia – For anyone really wanting to get away from it all, look no further than Song Saa Private Island. No TVs to be found at this overwater heaven, where harmony, sustainability and world-class luxury are the founding principles. However, there is Wi-Fi for anyone who needs to sneak a peek at the exit polls.


4.       Antarctica – How far would someone go to escape the election news cycle? How about journeying to the ends of the earth aboard the National Geographic Orion? Lindblad Expedition’s 13-day adventure cruise to The White Continent is about as far from Washington, D.C. as it gets.


5.       The Himalayas – Those looking to exercise their personal freedom can venture to Ananda in the Himalayas to partake in this renowned spa’s Dhyana self-realization mediation program. Visitors are guaranteed not to bump into any politicians here.


6.       Madrid, Spain – “Shop ‘til you drop” seems like an ideal way to leave partisan politics behind and El Corte Ingles’ Castellana Store is just the place to do it. Over one-million square feet of shopping paradise featuring the greatest luxury fashion brands will have visitors sizing up their wardrobe, not the competition.

If an “Election Escape” beckons, contact a Virtuoso travel advisor to get a vacation campaign underway: And for travelers who wish to extend their journeys beyond November 8, don’t forget your civic duty. Absentee voting is still a possibility, just remember that rules vary by state:

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