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The Big Idea: From Inception to Implementation

The Big Idea Ideas are a dime a dozen. In business, it’s implementation that counts … and throw in perfect timing for good measure. By Kamille D. Whittaker |

Atlanta’s Food Truck scene has swelled to the point of permanent social fixture – offering every type of fare imaginable; and creating the prime conditions for communal eating and mobile imbibing. But who is providing the libations? Most start-ups start up as simply as that: a question, a need identified and an answer. Idea manifested, The Alcohol Heroes – headed by husband and wife duo Tiffany and Scott Richardson – now bring cocktails to Atlanta’s vibrant food truck scene with their Cocktail Truck where none existed before.

Like most business ideas – it found them.

“We worked as bartenders together at 300 Atlanta and a number of other bars around metro Atlanta for years,” explains Tiffany. Our customers would often ask us if we did private parties. We didn’t at the time but thought it would be a great way to make extra money for the household. Our clients enjoyed our service so much that through word of mouth our private bartending service became popular around the city.”

As their visibility grew, they wanted a name that expressed who they were and the type of service that they wanted to provide to our clients.

“We started off as The MixMasters for a while, but a close friend suggested we change it to The Alcohol Heroes after hearing it shouted out on a popular radio song at the time. This phrase fully represented our team. Not only did we come to ‘save the party,’ we also deeply believed in the responsibility of safe alcohol service for all of our clients.”

The laws governing alcohol started to change as time went on and bartenders began to need licenses, permits and insurance to work at some of the larger venues.

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