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ATTORNEYS’ CORNER | Tene Davis Esq.: Dynamic Lawyer is Winning Her Way

By Brian D. Poe, Esq.

When one of her older brothers was brutally murdered, Brooklyn, N.Y., native Tene Davis right away was influenced to become a lawyer. That said, though she developed a tremendous appreciation for the power of criminal lawyers to impact justice, Davis came to consider it a specialty that required singular focus. She continued to see herself as a potential lawyer, but one who would master more than one specialty. Growing up, another influencer in her development was Oprah Winfrey. “I grew up watching her break countless barriers, accomplish massive goals, and bravely carve out a remarkable life for herself on her own terms despite her humble beginnings,” Davis says.

The Atlanta law practice that Davis has carved out is on her own terms as well. After graduating from Bennett College (summa cum laude) in Greensboro, N.C., and the University of Wisconsin Law School, she learned the law from mentor and friend, Judge Margaret Vergeront of Wisconsin’s Senior Court of Appeals, District IV. After completing a fulfilling judicial clerkship under Judge Vergeront, Davis had a four-year stint at Missouri’s prestigious national law firm Shook Hardy & Bacon, LLP, before launching her own law firm in Atlanta. An avid crossfit athlete who enjoys traveling and reading, she runs and supervises an Atlanta-based law firm that specializes in the niches she is most passionate about.

Tell us about your current practice.
I operate a small residential real estate closing practice. My goal is to start marketing my services to more national lenders and title companies. This year I have plans to hire new attorneys to assist with my busy closing practice. I also handle family law related cases such as child support and custody issues. Finally, I specialize in helping artists. I routinely draft and review various music industry contracts including recording artist agreements, music producer agreements, digital distribution agreements, business management agreements, and songwriter agreements.

What is your vision in terms of what you feel should be accomplished each day and each year?
Each day my goal is to have satisfied clients. Every time an individual retains me, I want them to feel like they got their money’s worth, and that I met or exceeded their expectations. Every year, my goal is to increase my clientele, and to continue to grow my practice not just in numbers, but substantively. After every case I try to extract lessons learned. I try to grow and learn from every case. I hope to never become stagnant or accept mediocrity. Average is not my rubric; I aspire for excellence every day.

How transferable do you believe your skills would be to work in a traditional law firm or corporate environment?
I believe that I have excellent transferable skills. Being a lawyer involves having excellent communication and writing skills. It also involves being perceptive of human nature, being an effective problem-solver and being analytical. These are core skills that can be used in virtually every work environment.

What are your long-term goals as a lawyer, and as a business professional?
My long-term goal as a lawyer is to continue to grow my practice and help as many people as I can. I also have aspirations of becoming a family law judge. Family is very important to me and it is my hope to one day have a pivotal impact on my community by offering sound opinions marked with compassion and perceptive insight on relevant family law issues. In addition to practicing law, I am involved in a couple of start-up entrepreneurial ventures. It is my hope to bring those ventures to fruition this year — including introducing a new workout gear clothing line and forming a concert promotion company.

Describe Tene Davis, Esq. in five words or less.
I am hard-working, honest, loyal, smart and competent. AT

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