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Q&A With Blacc Spot Media’s Lantre Barr

By Katrice L. Mines

Blacc Spot Media is not your typical Web and mobile development agency. The Atlanta-based collaborative team of designers, developers and thought leaders has christened itself “Smart Communications innovators.” Specializing in Web Real-Time Communications, it develops custom Web and mobile applications as well as enterprise platforms for clients around the world. 

WebRTC is an emerging technology that few companies have the expertise to successfully deploy. As one of the early adopters, BSM has years of experience bringing WebRTC products and services to market, and its team of specialized experts tailor solutions that are specific to businesses across industries. By collaborating with clients at every stage of the development life cycle including conceptualization, planning, product development, testing and deployment, the company is able to deliver comprehensive solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), telephony, mobile, native desktop and Web applications.

Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, Blacc Spot Media says it has the knowledge base to quickly and successfully deploy just the right solution for a company.

Startups. Since its inception as a startup in 2011, startups have been BSM’s passion. Its team recognizes not only the unique business model of startups and their need to rapidly scale but also what it means to build a business and what it takes to bring that vision to life. Providing strategic consulting to assist its clients in determining solutions that best fit their needs, BSM enables them to bring their product from ideation to creation.

Enterprises. BSM has knowledge and experience creating customized WebRTC solutions that align with the business goals and objectives of large organizations — knowing well enterprise requirements for performance, scalability and security enabling it to recommend or successfully build optimal solutions for global enterprise organizations.  

We sat down with the founder for a chat about the work behind the scenes.

How would a company know they need you?

Clients solicit our services for multiple reasons which include our positioning in the real-time communications industry, product quality and customer service reputation. However, one differentiating factor that attracts many to Blacc Spot Media is that we specialize in building Cloud Communications solutions using the latest advancements in voice, video, chat, SMS and telephony technology. While these technologies are not new, the shift from legacy technologies which previously were in the forefront of providing these capabilities, to cheaper, more widely available cloud-based technologies such as Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), have been a catalyst in changing both the cost of and deployment means of implementing Cloud Communications solutions.

WebRTC was open-sourced by Google in 2011 after spending over $200 million purchasing the underlying technology. Why is this important? This open-sourced technology opened the doors for innovation and lowered the barrier of entry for companies looking to incorporate high-quality voice and video capabilities into their products and services at minimal cost. Previously, companies were subjected to spending millions of dollars on licensing and royalty fees for legacy and outdated technology.

If a business currently offers some sort of voice or video communication solution that’s powered by anything other than WebRTC, Blacc Spot Media can save them significantly in costs. A few of the biggest industries benefiting from WebRTC include healthcare, education, financial services and call centers. Call centers demonstrates WebRTC’s impact in overall operational costs. The companies within the call center market that are shifting away from legacy hardware and infrastructure to a cloud-based solution are experiencing over a 60% decrease in yearly operating costs as well as benefiting from increased efficiency and improved customer engagement. 


When you’re pitching your company, what typically is more of value to potential clients — streamline their processes and increase customer engagement?

Typically, many of our prospect conversations are the result of a single problem experienced in daily business operations, usually driven by inefficient internal processes, ineffective customer engagement and/or the need to cut operational costs.  

A key capability of our team is that we offer clients a blank canvas to solve any business challenges they may face. Our core strength stems from our strategic consulting services. During our initial discovery and requirements gathering phase in which we dive into our client’s goals, requirements and existing landscape, we are then able to identify key improvement areas in our clients’ overall business processes, determine the solutions that best fit their goals as well as define a strategic action plan that can be implemented to positively impact their business. 

Oftentimes, our clients aren’t aware of the available possibilities to solve some of their biggest challenges. We help open their eyes to those possibilities while providing value in all aspects of their business.  

Of the company solutions you’ve provided, which have allowed you to truly set your company apart as an industry leader in Web Real-Time Communications?

In 2013, we decided to focus solely on building Cloud Communications solutions harnessing the power of WebRTC. Consequently, we have been able to carve out a niche in the software development industry for mobile, web, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) products and services that require low latency, high-quality voice and video communication. 

Through the numerous projects we have deployed across multiple industries, we have a deep understanding of the technology and its nuances. Through hands-on application, we continue to increase our knowledge base and tool set. Additionally, we share our experiences and knowledge with the real-time communications community via conference speaker opportunities as well as through our blog postings. Our web presence has landed us some of our biggest clients, propelled us to thought leader positioning within the industry and also helped to establish many of our amazing partnerships with other thought leaders in the community such as Twilio.

Prospects seek us out for our extensive real-time communications experience within the industry as well as for our ability to work with large enterprise clients, such as AT&T and Stanley Black & Decker, emerging startups, such as Regroup Therapy and Stratus Video, and all those in between.

“Technology is not just what we do — it is a part of who we are.” AT

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