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Nuracode | Iziah Reid & Jovonni Pharr 

By Katrice L. Mines  

 Meeting the creators at Nuracode is like being offered a seat at the cool kids’ table. 

Just ask them what they do. “Our creations are geared towards the enhancement of human existence,” the team explicates. 

How they got here: “Handy food delivery services, a high-strung team with an obsession for detail, and the combined creativity of a Renaissance artist,” and the knack for accomplishing anything they set out to do. 

nuracode-teamThe short of it: The Atlanta-based technology and media company provides code-based solutions, specializing in mobile applications for various audiences and varying utilities. 

The long of it: When you long to be a creative and conceive and implement meaningful projects, particularly ones that cater to underrepresented perspectives in technology, corporate America — as software developer Iziah Reid discovered — just won’t cut it. A product of his corporate weariness came Nuracode, a coding collective of African-American developers with a tight mission to design tech and Web products for a minority audience — a cultural company that uses technology as a medium, Reid says. He and fellow co-founder Jovonni Pharr now head a team of six that has already created SayRoom, an app that deciphers voice messages and translates their accompanying emotions into text, and Wavy, an app that delivers free mixtapes of a user’s favorite hip-hop artists to their smartphones. To help sustain their creative forays, the developers have successfully partnered with clients such as Dreamworks Studios, Sprite, Samsung, “Veggie Tales” HBO and Bounce TV. 

The offerings: Software development, app development, analytics plus insight, influencer marketing, digital marketing, digital strategy, digital events and business consultation.

In a word: Impressive. AT

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