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Chat w/ Jamaal Barber, Artist

The best compliment I’ve ever received was when somebody walked up to me at a show and asked, “Where did you even think of that?” They were amazed by my print.

The first thing I do every morning is check the news, then find an album to listen to so I can feel better.

My best trait is my calmness. I don’t get too high or too low about things.

Someone completely changed my perspective on how much art can mean and what it can do. Kerry James Marshall did that.

My favorite word is juxtapose.

The challenges I’ve faced in life have made me trust my intuition. The times I didn’t listen to my self are the times things went crazy wrong.

The greatest bit of advice my parents gave me was that you can’t control other people.

One setback I turned into a win was getting laid off. Five years ago I got laid off from my graphic design job and became a full-time printmaker. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

In two years, I’m want to buy an etching press for my home studio. Hopefully, I’ll be doing enough good art to have enough extra money to buy a nice press.

I love to waste time playing Candy Crush and drawing.

Rewind, fast forward, stop or start… Start. just do it!

The most unforgettable place I’ve ever been was Cabo San Lucas on my honeymoon.

My gadget of choice is my iPhone.

My mantra: Keep pushing. Good can be great. Great can be greater.

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