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COVER STORY: Chondra Webster-Myers of WebMyers Construction LLC, MBE of the Year

All Chondra Webster-Myers needed was the introduction to the construction project managers at Grady Hospital and she took it from there – strolling the hallways of the hospital in an effort to gather as much knowledge of the work and people involved as she could to make a competitive bid. WebMyers Construction LLC’s first project with Grady was a million-dollar, high-profile venture to move the IT department out of the hospital and into a building across the street. The project was so successful that the company has been a constant presence in Grady for a variety of remodeling and renovation projects. Webster-Myers brings a wealth of knowledge to the construction industry with more than 20 years of experience, and as a member of the Georgia real estate community. Prior to becoming the president and CEO at WebMyers, she used her vast knowledge to build custom homes in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Her goals for her clients include delivering innovative strategies to un-complicate the building process, listening intently to assess clients’ needs through effective communication and identifying ways to add value to each project.

Business Instincts

I had to recognize my vulnerabilities as a new contractor at Grady. That meant I had to canvas the hospital for weeks to understand the logistics of the hospital. While canvassing the 1.2 million square feet of the mega-hospital, I started to collect the names of companies that were already working there. It worked out well.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

Todd Gray, director of supplier diversity at Grady Health System, is the “Gate Keeper” and the source of change. He knows who you need to talk to get information for every need that the hospital has. Asking the project manager the right questions helped me understand the bid process and what criteria is used to win a bid.


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