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Atlanta community advocate selected as Grand Marshal for Atlanta Pride Festival

Executive director Toni-Michelle to lead Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade as 2023 Grand Marhsal

Atlanta Pride announced that community advocate Toni-Michelle Williams, executive director for Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SnapCo.), was selected to serve as one of its 2023 Grand Marshals for its upcoming Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade festivities which take place October 14-15.

For over a decade, Williams has been at the forefront of social justice advocacy where she has made remarkable strides in promoting equality and justice in Atlanta.

“For me, being chosen as a Grand Marshal is more than an honor; it’s a reminder of the power of resilience and unity,” Williams said. “Atlanta Pride represents our unwavering commitment to creating a safer, more inclusive Atlanta. Together, we’re turning dreams into realities, showing up and showing out one fabulous step at a time.”

Williams is a founding member of SnapCo, a Black trans-led group, that is a driving force in the fight for a safer Atlanta for marginalized communities. She has served as the organization’s executive director since 2020.

The Grand Marshals for the Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade were selected from a pool of more than 50 nominations submitted by the community, underscoring the immense respect and admiration Toni-Michelle Williams commands.

“The Atlanta Pride Committee is extremely proud of this year’s group of Grand Marshals,” said Steven Igarashi-Ball, Director of Equity & Engagement for Atlanta Pride. “Each models our commitment to expanding unity, visibility and wellness in Georgia’s LGBTQ+ community.”

“Toni-Michelle embodies those attributes in her tireless commitment to giving voice to Black, Trans and Queer communities. Year-round, she is always willing to ‘Show Up & Show Out’ in an effort to advance social justice and equality. Our community is fortunate to have her leadership and advocacy.”

The 2023 Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade will be headlined by Swedish pop duo Icona Pop, rapper Saucy Santana and Australian singer-songwriter G Flip.

For more information about the Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade, please visit To learn more about SnapCo.’s mission and activities, please visit


About Toni-Michelle Williams

Toni-Michelle Williams is a multifaceted professional known for her roles as a performance artist, creative director, and embodied leadership coach. In addition to her artistic talents, she holds the esteemed position of co-founder and executive director of Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative, Inc. (SNAPCO). Toni-Michelle seamlessly combines her creative prowess with her activism, utilizing supernatural grace and a sense of sacred silliness as tools to unlock joy and satisfaction.

As a celebrated community organizer and empowerment speaker, Toni-Michelle focuses her efforts on pivotal issues, including prison abolition, criminal (in)justice reform, and leadership development. Her advocacy extends to diverse communities, encompassing Black transgender and LGBQ individuals, sex workers, people living with HIV (PLHIV), and Black youth.

About  Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SnapCo.)

SnapCo. (Solutions Not Punishment) is a black trans-led collective of visionaries and community builders that is fighting for a safer Atlanta for marginalized groups.

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