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Atlanta Housewife, Gail Lewis Goes Viral After Catching Husband and Mistress at Airport

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An Atlanta woman has gone viral after sharing a video of her catching her husband and his alleged mistress at an airport.

In a series of videos posted on TikTok, Gail Lewis said she began to learn of the alleged affair in October 2022 when her husband, Harold Lewis, was flying back to Atlanta after an international business trip.

When Gail called the airline to confirm her Harold’s arrival, staff allegedly told her that her husband and another female passenger had landed 20 minutes ago. Gail said Harold hadn’t mentioned that he was traveling with a companion.

Harold claimed the airline had made a mistake, Gail recalled. Gail then decided to check the statements on their American Express card to see if her husband was telling the truth.

“When I opened up that bill, the woman that the airline employee mentioned that was on his itinerary, her name was up and down my credit card bill. Flights here, flights there, flights to Paris, Delta vacations, a country here, an island there,” Gail said. “While I thought he was out working and telling me I couldn’t travel with him ‘cause he didn’t want to get distracted, oh, he had a travel mate, alright.”

Gail said her husband again attempted to cover up the truth, but he eventually came clean. According to Gail, Harold admitted that the other woman was a girlfriend whom he had been seeing for several years.

“‘At least I ain’t gotta lie no more. I’m sorry I hurt you, but least I ain’t gotta lie anymore,’” Harold allegedly said.

Gail further claimed that Harold said he didn’t want a divorce but he wanted to keep seeing the other woman.

She eventually filed for divorce from Harold.

“I did. I filed for divorce and each day I’ve gotten stronger,” Gail said in a video.

Social media users called for Gail to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta after her story went viral. Even RHOA star Kandi Burruss chimed in on the conversation, revealing that Gail was one of her friends.

@kandiMy girl @gaillewis802 has gone viral! I had to ask how she’s doing?♬ original sound – kandi

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