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Fantasia Delivers Powerful Message To Interviewer Who Says She ‘Lost Faith’

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Fantasia had a powerful message for a young interviewer who revealed she ‘lost her faith’ because of pain.

The interviewer, who identifies as Joy on social media, posted a series of TikTok videos of her interview with The Color Purple stars Fantasia and Danielle Brooks, which took a turn after she revealed she’s “grappled” with her faith.

Joy initially asked the pair about the presence of God on set, but Fantasia and Brooks decided to address the interviewer’s comments about her faith.

When Joy said she’s had times when she felt “she couldn’t do this anymore,” Fantasia replied: “Those are the moments when you have to trust God the most.”

@ogoajoyThis day was so incrediblly raw. It deserves a Tik Tok of me explaining what happened before during and after. . There’s 4 parts. Here’s pt 1. I was truly moved and my mind has always wrestled with the idea of human Suffering. Here is #fantasia restoring my faith in our #thecolorpurpleinterview #fantasia #fantasiabarrino #fantasiainterview #thecolorpurplemovie #fyp #fp #foryou #christiantrauma #christiantok #celebrityinterview #fantasiapreaching #fantasiayounginterviewer♬ original sound – Joy | Celebrity Interviewer ⭐️

“These moments are necessary because sometimes we can get ahead of God or we try to be God in everyone’s lives,” the singer continued. “And sometimes He says ‘Okay you’re doing my job’ or ‘You’re not trusting me.'”

Brooks then chimed in with her message to the interviewer.

“When God has promised you something, do not rush the fulfillment of that promise,” Brooks said as Joy teared up. “You got to not rush it because how horrible would it be for you to receive that thing and you not be ready.”

“Stay the course. One foot in front of the other, and soon before you know it life will turn around for your good,” she added.

@ogoajoyHere is part 2 of the word given to me by #fantasia and #daniellebrooks 💜. I hope it touches your heart. Holding on to these words – ‘before you know it, life will turn around for your GOOD’. #fantasiabarrino #daniellebrooks #thecolorpurple #daniellebrooksoscar #thecolorpurplemovie #christiantok #fyp #fp #foryou #blacktok #fantasiapreaching #fantasiayounginterviewer♬ original sound – Joy | Celebrity Interviewer ⭐️

Fantasia continued to encourage Joy to keep her faith.

“Without a test, you don’t have a testimony,” Fantasia said. “I lost everything twice and I never gave up on God because I knew he had me.”

“Don’t you give up your faith,” she concluded.

@ogoajoyThis is the final part of fhe interview where #fantasia encouraged my faith. Little did i know this interview would take this direction. Such a powerful word. I felt God in the room that day sure. She is a messenger and I think God engineered this interview to happen for a reason and I hope this word reaches and touches your heart. It sure did for me. Sending hugs to you 💜#fantasia #fantasiabarrino #daniellebrooks #thecolorpurple #daniellebrooksoscar #thecolorpurplemovie #christiantok #fyp #fp #fantasiainterview #godalways #faithtok #faiththesizeofamustardseed @Fantasia Taylor♬ original sound – Joy | Celebrity Interviewer ⭐️

The interview ended with Fantasia inviting Joy to hug her.

“I think God sent me to you,” the interviewer said.

Videos of the interview garnered millions of views on TikTok.

“I love that Fantasia ignored the question and focused on her in that moment,” one TikTok user commented.

“Wow wow wow. The fact that you were honest about where you are and received such grace by Fantasia in that moment…that’s God. He is always intentional,” another said.

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