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Ambition and Resourcefulness: A Special Word to Teenagers

By Shamiah Byrd, Editorial Intern

Many adolescents have access to all the necessary tools to prepare themselves for the “real world.” However, just as much as half of these adolescents sit around and let opportunities such as internships pass — not even realizing just how important it is to plan for the future. So many teenagers today are falling behind and giving up on themselves, simply because they doubt and do not believe. Even now, there are teens who take for granted the opportunities that are given to them. In cases like these, I feel that they are limiting themselves and not utilizing the resources they do have to their full potential.

The development of new technology has aided in the success of many young adults. We now have a world full of advanced technology — search engines, advanced libraries, helpful teachers, and Internship opportunities that weren’t once there, now exist. It is important for teens to take advantage of the resources we have now because it was not offered before.

Sometimes I try to justify and come up with a rationalization as to why so many teens choose not to go beyond what they already know. Then I take a look at my personal life, my accomplishments and future goals and ask myself, “Am I really that capable of being THE example that all of these teens need? Can I even go beyond my own knowledge?” In life, we all come across difficult obstacles and questions that we ourselves cannot answer. But as individuals, it is our responsibility to expand our knowledge, think outside of the box, and grow. At 17 years old I encourage my peers to be more than what you or anyone else expects you to be. Exceed the standards.

So, speaking on behalf of our next generation, it is essential for teenagers to not let opportunities such as scholarships, fellowships, and internships especially, go to waste. It is our duty to make the best of every experience and leave your mark. Profound impressions last a lifetime so make it a good one. It’s smarter to gain knowledge everyday than to sit around and lose wisdom!

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