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Making College Transfers Easier

This post is published as a Web extension of our August 2012 Education Issue – our annual blow-out of all things educational. To read it in full, visit our e-store to purchase a copy or subscription.

By Kelli Bennett, Editorial Intern

Transferring schools is never easy, I can remember transferring schools when I was younger—it was an experience to say the least.  I can only imagine the difficulty and apprehension faced when transferring colleges.  The Eastern Arizona Courier provides transferring students with four helpful tips to a smooth transition.

  •  Find out how many of your credits transfer.

From personal experience, this can be fairly difficult.  The key in ensuring all of your credits are transferred is persistency.  It is up to you to keep in contact with the admissions office as they deal with thousands of students.  It is also a good idea to double check with department heads to see if courses from another university can be substituted-it is always worth a try, you don’t want your time and credit hours to go to waste.

  •  Factor in financial aid considerations.

This is the most important tip because we all know how difficult financial aid offices can be.  The Eastern Arizona Courier advises to revise your FAFSA form to reflect your transfer and explore the different scholarship and aid opportunities at your new school.

  • Determine how to end your enrollment at your initial school.

You should be able to find information on the process on the school’s website. Make sure to understand any remaining financial obligations, close school-related accounts and receive your money from any positive balance.

For students living in on-campus housing this is especially important.  Giving the housing office will allow them to find a replacement resident, if needed.

  • Learn about student services available at your new school.

Get involved—I’m a firm believer that this can make or break a student’s college experience.  Use student organizations and your transfer as a new start and network as much as possible.  Branch out in your field of study through honor societies and take a look into special interest groups.

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