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Facebook To Add Hashtags To Its Site

By Tiffany Pennamon, Editorial Intern

Hashtag craze has expanded to the largest social networking site as of Wednesday. Facebook introduced the new tool as a means to organize public conversations and will allow users to search trending topics. Users of Twitter and Instagram are already familiar with the symbol and use it to start conversations, share images, and spread ideas world wide.

Starting on Wednesday, Facebook users will be able to use the “#” symbol in front of any key word or topic. Friends, followers, and subscribers of the post simply have to click on the hashtag and a feed of similar topics will appear based on what other people and organizations around them are saying.

Greg Lindley, a Facebook product manager, wrote that Facebook wants to bring the conversations of what people share–whether it be big moments, a favorite television show, or cheering on a sports team–to the forefront of feeds and discussion.

About 20% of Facebook’s users have access to the hashtag feature since its startup, but it will gradually become available to all in the coming weeks. The company says that additional features, such as trending hashtags, are in the works for the future.

Social media innovations such as the #hashtag will revolutionize the way in which public events, people, and topics are discussed globally. Start #hashtagging and see what you will discover!


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