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10 Ways to Make the Workplace More Fun!

By Tiffany Pennamon, Editorial Intern

“Work is not supposed to be fun” is a common myth out of many. However, the key to a productive environment is adding a little fun. The atmosphere of the workplace can determine how your employees think, work, and interact. If the office is too serious, employees may feel stress, anxiety, or worry about their job.  Here are just a few tips to motivate employees to make work fun:

  1. Have a “Decorate Your Area” Contest: Allow each employee or department to come up with a theme for their offices and hold competitions to see who has the best decorating skills. When given the option to personalize workspace, employees may feel more comfortable.
  2. Use Color: Brighten up a room with light and vibrant colors. Add accent colors to spice up office furniture and invoke a creative vibe.
  3. Hang Posters On Your Walls: Ask employees to bring in their favorite posters of artists, movies, singers, and more. Replace faces with colleagues for a funny twist.
  4. Celebrate Holidays With Parties: Holiday parties are great ways for employees to interact, let loose, and enjoy the season with colleagues and friends. Try a Mardi Gras parade through the office, a cookout on the premises, or a mini carnival.
  5. Celebrate Success: Did the office recently win an award? Did someone get a promotion? Celebrate a success with desserts and other food. Put up a sign-up sheet for employees to bring in snacks like cookies, chips, drinks, and more. Free food is fun in and of itself.
  6. Have Dress-Up Days: Take a break from the business suit for a fun dress-up day! Themes for Halloween, Super Bowl, “My favorite college” Day, “Bring your pet/kids/parents to work” Day are just a few ideas to get started. Have a dress day once every month or for special events.
  7. Smile: Smiling releases endorphins that automatically make you feel better. Share a smile with a coworker to brighten their day and watch the fun and happiness spread.
  8. Put Games in the Break Room: Most breaks consist of eating, running errands, and more business all crammed into the lunch hour. Stop and sit for a game of cards or Scrabble against other workers in the office. Games get your creative mind going!
  9. Play Music: Share your musical interests with others and have fun sing alongs, dance, or just jam as you go about your work day. Play light music for a fun vibe around the office.
  10. Take Pictures: Hire a photographer or bring in your own personal camera and roam around your office one day to take pictures of everyone. Make a slideshow of the resulting photos and share the pictures with others for a fun laugh.

Visit for the full article. Come up with other ways to make your office fun and share ideas with others!



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