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Five Tech-Related Jobs that will be in High Demand in 2014

Tech-related 9-5’s are becoming more varied and valued in the marketplace.

Mobile Applications Developer

The tableau of “smart” products where companies strive to reach customers are ever-expanding. So, professionals who can adapt user services to bite-sized proportions are in high demand and can easily command between $85,000 and $122,500.

SEO/SEM Specialist

Being visible and accessible online by search engines and consumers is essential to any company looking to leave its digital imprint. SEO/SEM specialists can develop strategies to optimize Web projects for search and increase online visibility. Those with three or more years of experience are projected to see starting salaries in the range of $63,750 to $87,500.

Data Security Analyst

Security threats are constantly changing, and firms need professionals who can analyze risk and propose solutions. Base compensation for these virtual security agents falls squarely between $89,000 and $121,500.

User Experience Designer

Since so much customer interaction happens online, creating a positive digital experience is like the Holy Grail of online customer service. The starting pay for these positive vibe pushers is expected to rise 6.2 percent to a range of $71,750 to $104,000.

Web Developer

Multi-talented Web developers are increasingly needed by companies looking to enhance online presence or to do away with the make-shift site you created during your DIY phase. Base compensation for these professionals is projected to increase 5.4 percent to between $61,250 and $99,250.

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