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June 2014 Webinar on Integrated Marketing TNT with + Podcast

Did you know — 50 percent of United States business owners do not have a website? A more shocking statistic is that more than 80 percent of websites are not mobile optimized.

In the June 2014 Webinar on Integrated Marketing TNT, experts discussed the importance of building your digital identity. A digital identity can be defined as your presence on the Web, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp.

Building your identity is like building your brand online. It makes your business more accessible to customers. Taking the first step toward building your brand all starts with creating a website.

Below are steps GoDaddy experts suggest for small business owners to build their online brand and optimize their website:

  1. Go get a website and domain.

A website is the digital identity of any business. Building a website can be as simple as paying $1 per month with help from

  1. Optimize your site.

Putting a website in plain and simple English makes it accessible for search engines such as Google and accessible for prospective customers. Make sure the title tag and description include keywords that will make it easier for customers to find the website.

  1. Include basic information on your website.

A part of optimizing a website is including basic information such as the name, address and phone number. If basic information isn’t included, it will make it difficult to gain prospective customers because of your inaccessibility.

To learn more about how to build your website visit and click the link below for the full podcast.

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