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A Thoughtful Industry: Renting and Leasing for Filmmaking

By Miah Harris, Editorial Intern

Most (if not all) award-winning films require proper use of equipment and a complete treatment plan of where the film will be shot. Atlanta’s constant flourishing in the film and entertainment business makes access to quality cameras, lighting, microphones and other essentials imperative for production. Consider renting and leasing equipment and set locations almost like a student checking out a book from the library. You are allowed full means of entry to use what you need for a certain amount of time with a negotiated budget by contract or price sheet.

Companies like Production Consultant and Equipment (PC&E), which has been around for more than three decades, provide their customers with the option to rent cameras, lighting and grip, sound stages and a one-stop shop for additional expendables –providing just about every necessity a film crew may need, including a centralized workspace which can drastically reduce transportation and logistics costs for a project.

Other studios like Open River Pictures, a fairly new and black, female-owned production company creates, develops and produces original content (documentaries, comedy series, children’s programming and sitcoms). “With aggressive growth across the digital platform, and the launch of several cable channels targeted to the African-American community, it makes great business sense to grow Open Rivers Pictures in the direction of developing more original content within our own facility, to service these individual distribution outlets,” says CEO and founder, Tammy Williams. Open River Pictures is also accessible for leasing in support of film studios, cable networks, photographers, casting, rehearsals, and production meetings. Further, the studio provides classes for production assistants and people dedicated to becoming skilled workers in the film industry. Some of these workshops include: cinema filmmaking, casting and auditioning, lighting boot camps and more.

These two companies are a prime example of Atlanta’s continuous growth in the film and television industry and how it has complete potential to expand. Innovation happens just about everyday, but creating a movie with a team of people who care about your craft and are willing to provide you with appropriate resources is truly treasured.

Open River Pictures

461 Sandy Creek Road #4107, Fayetteville, GA 30214

(770) 716-6736

Production Consultant and Equipment (PC&E)

2235 Defoor Hills Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

(404) 609-9001

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