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The Editor’s View: Men of Excellence

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By Katrice L. Mines |

There is something awe-inspiring about an individual who makes mentorship a central tenet of their success. In essence, mentoring is giving of your most valuable asset – yourself. It has been a common theme of my writing over the years and an ethos that I have embraced on my own professional journey. When I wonder if my time, my words, my interest has taken hold in those who have crossed my path, one of two things generally reaffirms me: I hear from someone that I’ve engaged in guiding or I learn the story of someone I’d dub a “master mentor” like Dr. William F. Pickard.


Pickard, serial entrepreneur, chairman of Global Automotive Alliance and the author of “Millionaire Moves – Seven Proven Principles of Entrepreneurship” has seamlessly threaded giving back into every facet of his professional climb. However, it is more than his efforts to share his experiences with the next generation of entrepreneurs and executives that has struck me. It is the root of what compels him to reach back; Pickard appreciates people. “Millionaire Moves” literally opens up his treasure chest of experiences and offers step-by-step suggestions for how anyone can move out of complacency and fear and stake his or her claim on “the good life.” That’s commendable. But, it is what you hear from him in conversation that is transformative.

During my chat with the philanthropist and community advocate, I realized that the value he places in people – namely the individuals who have helped to build his companies on all levels – is what has set him firmly on a path of prosperity. There is power in reciprocity and he has tapped in. When I asked him his top-of-mind go-to life hack, Pickard’s response was simple:





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