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Changing Seasons With Interior Designer Michel Smith Boyd

By Tiara Cole

Michel Smith Boyd’s passion for interior design can best be described as a marriage between architecture and fashion. He successfully combines the two by capturing luxury design while complementing many design styles and on-trend fashion choices at once, and has become one of the most sought out interior designers in the Atlanta area.


No stranger to the urge many feel to rearrange their decorative spaces as seasons change, expect to see more colors – rich palettes, bright colors and jewel tones — in his Boyd’s work as summer approaches, building on his typical repertoire of fashion-forward layers, patterns, textures, and textiles with classic furniture silhouettes.

“Clients who want lots of color in their spaces have a distinctive personality. They’re confident in making bold statements and want to be inspired,” he says. “They want their own sanctuary where they can come in and turn off their busy lives.” It is particularly important, he notes, for designers to know how to adjust the foundation of a home according to the season. His approach: Opting for neutral and cool grey toned walls, rugs, and sofas, while allowing less expensive items to incorporate the color. Timeless core furniture pieces, he explains, will allow for easy, cost effective updates when seasons change.

Boyd’s motto while designing is making sure clients understand what he is communicating. “I am constantly inspired by other designers in all forms. Filmmakers, photographers, and musicians all have their own unique way of communicating their point of view to their audiences. So if you don’t get it, I didn’t do my job.” AT






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