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BOSS INC. | Ravi Chander of Softpath

As young adults starting out in business, husband and wife team Ravi Chander and Sushumna Roy Jalajam were thrilled to have an opportunity to embark upon a journey into a world immersed in innovative technology, data analytics and high-tech software. Both were highly skilled and adept in the technology arena and believed that they had found our path to success.

“We knew that as young entrepreneurs, we could not make it to the top alone and wanted those who would join us, to also believe that the path they had chosen, would be right for them as well. From inception until now, we affectionately coined the phrase ‘softpath’ to represent a clear path ahead and to reflect a myriad of technical services provided in Master Data Management, MDM software resells, IT consulting and IT and non-IT staff augmentation.”

Hence the namesake of what is now the fastest growing technology enterprise with a primary focus on innovative technologies, emerging data analytics, niche skill-sets and Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. “The Softpath name reflects our brand and vision to care for others and to ensure that every aspect of the business we do, is smooth, unencumbered and an exciting and successful journey. Our company’s vision is to impact quality of life for others including our clients, staff and contingent employees. Our promise is to that never get too busy to appreciate others and always continue on a ‘softpath’ to learning, growing and sharing.” 

Over the years at Softpath, they have experienced and witnessed a number of changes and innovations within the technology industry that disrupt the notion of “business as usual.”

“The adoption of innovative technologies and the utilization of social media platforms have changed the way we do business today. Through the use of professional networks, we now have innovative ways to bring passive candidates into the pipeline and create additional sourcing opportunities and even a better way to source candidates. We have invested heavily in creating multiple solutions and accelerators of commonly used technology around data management and analytics solutions which provides quicker implementation of solutions for our clients with less customization.”

These solutions with quick application can be used as what is called ‘plug and play’ resources for data implementation. In fact, they predict there will be drastic changes in the technology industry as current processes will begin to automate.

“In the next five to 10 years, we will begin to see a reduction in human interaction and skilled labor due to technological advances. Today, we live in a very active world but within a few years from now, the world will change from the world we know today. With the entrance of artificial intelligence, technological advances will affect common tasks such as driving cars and going to the grocery store — technology will disrupt normal day-to-day activities such as these. Many jobs will be eliminated due to artificial intelligence. Computer coding will be a thing of the past, and in many fields, including medical, manufacturing and engineering, there will be an eliminated of jobs due to robotics and advanced technical platforms.”

The technological antidotes: “Seek to constantly improve internal processes and begin to adopt new processes around the changes anticipated and become ‘future ready.’ Upgrade your business technology processes, people and adapt to the changes that are right around the corner.” And too, acknowledge that small diverse firms in comparison to bigger brands are just as adept in successful delivery of these services.

“Small diverse firms are agile and nimble. Such firms with niche technologies can provide higher quality of services with speed-to-market and flexibility. It is better to go with the expert who has invested time and talent into understanding the intrinsic details – talent and quality must to be combined.”

The combination has proven successful not only for their business but in their marriage. Early in their business, they established clear core values for success: Trust, loyalty, commitment and respect. Over the years, they have learned the importance of relinquishing control and allowing their unique differences to complement each other, which has proven to be a major component of business success — now a decade in the making.

“We began by treating each other, at all times, with the utmost respect and learning to respect our differences, while remaining loyal with an unwavering commitment of trust and support. Intentionally, seek to maintain work-life balance and never bring the marital emotions into the business. “

One of their favorite lines is “never bring the business to the dining room table” — in other words, let family time be family time.

“We view family matters and business as two separate entities. If you have a happy home, you will have a happy business. Happy wife, happy home and happy business — work to ensure that these are in the right order.”

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