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Studies Confirm What We All Knew: Millennials are the Worst …

By Tra’Keiyah Carter, Editorial Intern

… Drivers.

We are halfway through what the nation calls the “100 Deadliest Days of  Summer,” and with all the children home for the summer it is very likely that we will encounter more millennials on the roads. According to recent studies by the American Automobile Association (AAA), collision and automobile fatalities increase tremendously during this time. Recent statistics show that young millennials exhibit the most dangerous driving  behaviors. This is news many already assumed, but now have information to  confirm. How does this affect you? Despite what studies may show, no one is immune from the possibility of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

These risks have matured from mainly inexperienced drivers into an issue even skilled drivers cause. AAA has associated millennial drivers to a summarized list of troubling driving behaviors, all involving the cell phone:

Texting and Social Media While Driving; Running Red Lights and Speeding

According to said study, drivers between ages 19 and 24 ranked the highest for speeding on a national scale. More than 88 percent of that age group admitted to engaging in one or more of those behaviors. What does this mean for Atlantans? Atlanta’s Interstate 285 is one of the busiest roads in America, over 2 million vehicles use this road daily. These numbers place this interstate on the list of one of the most dangerous and deadly roads in the United States as well. Despite the crawling pace traffic moves in throughout the day, the likelihood of automotive fatalities does not deplete. These crowded conditions will in fact intensify the level of accidents.

It now becomes the responsibility of parents, other adultsDowntown Atlanta, and neighbors to enforce the safety rules the road while enjoying our college students’ temporary visits.

Parents: Must lead by example and eliminate distractions behind the wheel while always driving sober. This will give our millennial drivers a proper blueprint of safety precautions on the road. According to the National Safety Council, a recent survey reported that 91 percent of parents who use their cell phones do it in front of their teens knowing they are their primary driving instructors.

Drivers: Must take heed to driving safety and recognize speed limits, basic highway safety laws and even tips on what to do if a tire goes flat, etc. Unfortunately, millennials are more likely to underestimate dangerous situations or not recognize potentially hazardous situations than older drivers. There is far too much life to live to end it all for social media or poor driving practices.

These small tips and awareness can help you live a safer and longer life, be able to finish college and enjoy your summers in Hotlanta more abundantly.

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